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Global Gateway

Friendly was chosen as one of the four artists in Europe who was very lucky to get the chance to exhibit her artworks during the Global Gateway campaign. "Climate Change" was the theme that Friendly has chosen and been concerned with for long. Promoting clean energy, biodiversity and sustainable communities everywhere is one of the themes that Friendly always focuses and discusses.

Two inflatable art pieces were created for the particular topic. The artwork – a giant trash bag with the line "AT LEAST THERE IS ONE THING WE ALL SHARE" - is 7 meter in height and 5 meter in width. One piece is in English and one piece is in French. They were exhibited in France and Denmark separately in 2022 autumn and winter.

According to the idea of the original piece, a virtual 3D art piece was created as well by a team of 3D designers.

During the exhibition period, there was an inspired action organized by local volunteers in Lyon after they saw the artwork. They organized a big cleaning on the Parvis René Richard and took photos with all the collected  waste in front of the Art Installation (images shown as below, provided by the client).


If you continue to carry this action forward, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.



Location 1

Parvis Renée Richard

69003 Lyon


Location 2

Ofelia Plads


1250 Copenhagen


Location 3

Global Gateway Metaverse

 Model (right): Moritz Friedrich 


 Copenhagen, Denmark. 


 A big cleaning was organized by volunteers from 

 the Charity "Nettoyons Lyon" in Lyon, France. 


 Global Gateway Metaverse 

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