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Friendly shoots and edits videos from time to time.

iBUg 2016, Limbach-Oberfrohna

Artists  WENU (Gogoplata, Erik, Mo, Friendly)

Music    Friendly

Magic City 2016, Dresden

Artists  WENU (Gogoplata, Erik, Mo, Friendly)

Music    Siriusmo

The following video Friendly didn't shoot or edit, she was the coordinator and location scout for the Hong Kong part of this music video project.

Romano - Copyshop feat. MastaMic, 2017

2018 Grand Prize Best Music Video Award - Rhode Island International Film Festival

Director         Jakob Grunert

Photographer     Raphael Beinder

Editor           Bobby Good

Producer         Elena Gruschka

Coordinator(HK)  Friendly Liu

Rap              MC Romano & MastaMic

Music            Moritz Friedrich & Zenke

Sound            Anton Feist

Graphics         Sebastian Rohed / Freimauer

Color            Fabian Kimoto

Project          visitBerlin / Lutz Henke

Mgmt             Can Azizoglu Mgmt

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