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Graffiti in Bielefeld



Concept / Process

WENU crew was invited to take part in hoch2wei urban art festival in Bielefeld in 2014. GMO (genetically modified organisms / foods) was decided as our topic by us.

Usually there is an object or installation delivered together with the WENU style painting. Our crew member Erik had the idea to create a 3-head bird but had no time to make it. Friendly found the idea brilliant and didn't want to drop this concept, hence she picked it up and continued to build a birdhouse and the creature.

The wall is about 48 meters long and 1.8 meters high. The team managed to finish it in 1 and half day.


Alfred-Bozi-Straße, Bielefeld, Germany

WENU hoch2wei mural section 1, Bielefeld, Germany
WENU hoch2wei mural section 2, Bielefeld, Germany
WENU hoch2wei mural section 3, Bielefeld, Germany
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