My Birthday Exhibition

Before Friendly moved to Berlin, she had a strong motivation to celebrate her birthday unusually in Hong Kong with the people she knows especially her family.


“My Birthday Exhibition” was a perfect idea to gather everyone as well as to showcase what she has done so far in her life to her beloved ones.


30 artworks that look alike cakes were created at the first “My Birthday Exhibition”. The artworks were made of light clay and cookie cans. They were created according to the most impressive experience of Friendly's each year.


Since 2011, the exhibition was held every 2 years until 2015. It was indeed a joyful celebration to everyone.


2011, 2013, 2015


Hong Kong 2011 & 2015

Berlin 2013


Exhibition is over

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My Birthday Exhibition - 19

Treat today as if it is the last day of life 請把今天活得像是生命的最後一天 I seldom read newspaper, one day I spotted a news about a car accident, it was weird that I kept reading, I remembered lots of details. Two weeks later, I was told that was the news about a school mate from the next class was killed in a car crash. death became very near to me in my mind all out of a sudden. From that day on, the sentence written on the cake was stamped on my mind.