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Updated: Oct 7, 2018

"Can you do it in 90 seconds?" This was always catching to my eyes.

This year is the year that I have to finish my "probably too long" 1-hour-stop-motion-animation-film, which I have been working on it, since what again? 2005????? Hmm...all these years, the real time that I probably spent on the animation maybe about 14 months, let's say 15 months with the extra time to submit it to many animation festivals, to organize the little screenings for family and friends, to talk about it and to communicate with animation festival organizers, to help, etc, so, it's fine.

OK let's begin! Thirteen years ago, I sat in a Hong Kong cafe.......... Alright let's cut it, time is running, I have to write what I want to write here! Will keep this story for the next post maybe for my full film.

Some months ago I was still working on the "Hong Kong Cafe Let's Fight Together" animation, I have to submit to some animation festivals as I don't want to wait for another year, I spotted DepicT! short film competition with a slogan "Can you do it in 90 seconds?" That indeed catch my eyes! Since there are so many animation / film festivals, I just don't know what I should submit and what I shouldn't. My film is so long, but maybe a short scene? Why not? Therefore I picked one of the scenes that I like the most, and trimmed a bit, plus the credit, and a little thank you, then SUBMITTED!

Here I am! Never thought they will choose my film! On 23rd of July, I got one of the best emails I have received. I have been waiting very long for this moment to announce the result. And now you can watch on their 20 selected super short film online!

As a person who never worked / studied film or animation but only a few lessons about Flash and Director, I'm really flattered that first I made it to their submission and next to be chosen out of 700 entries (fb:500 entries) from 50 different countries (fb: 59 countries). This is my "90 seconds moment" :D

Shortlisted films get their big screen debut at the Depict Showcase on Sat 29 Sept at Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival where a stellar Jury of industry professionals will be deciding which filmmakers will be receiving invaluable talent development opportunities, up to £2,500 in prize money and a taste of Depict glory. Including Seamus McGarvey ASC BSC (The Greatest Showman and Nocturnal Animals) on behalf of The Royal Photographic Society; Catherine Bray, Channel 4 Random Acts Editor; Alexzandra Jackson, BFI Talent Executive; Colm McAuliffe, Shooting People Event Producer; David Sproxton, Co-Founder of Aardman Animations; Sorcha Bacon, producer and founder of Try Harder films; and Chris Auty, former film critic and producer, currently Head of Producing at NFTS. Sounds exciting isn't it?

Before I take the photos for the stop motion animation, I just play around with them.

Well, They needs your votes to decide the winner of the coveted Shooting People Audience Award tho. Don’t miss your chance to have your say, voting is now open on DepicT! until 17:00 on Sat 29 Sept. Simply rate the film by selecting 1 – 5 stars or leave a comment if you want to say more and be part of the discussion.

You can view the films and vote for your favourite at:


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