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Wix Berlin Meeting 2018

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

I have signed up for the "Wix Berlin Meeting 2018" and actually I was struggling whether I should go because I got stuck again with my animation, magazine, design work, etc. At the end I decided to go out and tried to stay away from my computer, also to meet some new faces and probably fall into this computer trap / world deeper after the meeting.

Why? Because is web development platform, it helps users to create HTML5 web sites and mobile sites easily, such an idiot like me managed to build two websites on my own in half month, so you know.

At the end, out of my curiosity, I was there. Honestly it wasn't too easy to find, there were 3 other persons like me looking at their mobiles and searching for the entry, in fact it was right next to the Modulor art supply store, I wonder how we missed it. So we went in, took the lift to the 6/F, headphones were prepared for the German speakers only, because they had English dialogue for the presentation. I walked further, a 180-degree-view balcony with a stunning sunset and the cityscape set together, it formed a beautiful picture.

Wix meeting 2018
I thought I would just go there quick!

Unbelievable, surprisingly there was food. And when I arrived downstairs they asked me the size of t-shirt I wear, then I got a tote bag and a t-shirt for free. OK enough food and gift, let's go to the main point!

The Vice President and General Manager of Consumer Experience Business Unit at Nitzan Achsaf gave a presentation about the benefits and functions of Wix, the support they are providing for the users in Germany, how their ADI system helps users to build their websites by asking questions, important points we should be aware, and more.

Then next, which was the most encouraging part, they announced some new features that made everyone in the room clap their hands. New features including multi languages, more options and styles about ticketing / booking system, faster loading time / performance of the website, mobile app that will help increase your web sale, automation that would help you to reply clients / set up certain things automatically. Besides, they also persuade us to use Wix Chat and work hard on the SEO setting.

The Q & A section took for more than an hour, yet too many questions are awaiting to be answered, including mines. So I queued up for my 3 questions, in front of several speakers who were answering many more people. My questions were:

Q1. How can I edit the text on the mobile view without editing the text on desktop view.

A1: Not possible lol by Kobi Gamliel - Head of User Marketing of but he also taught me a trick, that you just need to create two text boxes and set the text for mobile hidden on desktop view and the other way applied to mobile view.

Q2. When I customize the SEO of certain page, can I make it like e.g. instead of

A2. Again, not possible, said by Kobi Gamliel. Hmm... I can live with it, I know I'm a bit too fussy sometimes, but well, nobody will be harmed in this case.

Q3. Will there be multiple currencies for the store?

A3. YES!! You should have asked this question in front of the crowd as I had so much fun when I was working on it. It'll be coming by the end of this year, answered by Arik Perez - Head of Wix stores (eCommerce).

I did raise my hand, just too many people wanted to ask questions, which is good, lots of responses means Wix will improve better based on what customers need and I believe they will. I'm glad to attend and manage to ask the questions, thank you very much to everyone who was answering us patiently. Thanks for throwing a wonderful event, also with drink, food, gift, and the most important thing, knowledge. The Wix website builder tools did help me like I have mentioned. Love the t-shirts they were wearing "I'm a Wixer" lol.


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