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Updated: Oct 18, 2018

It had been a dream to me to build my own website since I studied design. What?! it was almost 18 years ago...I can't be happier when I managed to do one on my own, in fact two, one for Invasian Magazine. I have to thanks to (ok this is not an advertisement)!

I'm glad that at least this is set up now.

At the moment...

It's after 5am. I'll need to get up in 3 always, but I will come back and upload more works. I hope I won't need to wait for another 18 years to get the next chance to update!


There are some upcoming exhibitions and screening events of mine, if you are interested, go check it out :) On the left it's the industrial site in Leipzig where me and my crew mates WENU painted 10 days ago.


Some more work I am going to upload:     

  1. Art

  2. Design

  3. Animation

  4. Photography

  5. Music

and I should go to bed. 


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